www.BlackViper.com: E-Mail Filtering Guide

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4) This is my Filtered Spam. (Image 1.4)

Some of these E-Mails are legitimate. Some are virus's. Others are spam. Can you spot each?

I have a filter to catch "common" subject matter and code it in Red. Very rarely (especially using a "default" subject line) does my filters ever tag a "real" message with Red.

I must thank all spammers that attempt to confuse E-Mail filters by adding random characters to the end of a subject line. When this pathetic attempt at getting through to E-Mail users started, it annoyed me. However, after it became a "wide spread practice," I expanded my subject line column way out and scan only the end of the line. If it contains gibberish, it is gone. It has reduced the time I take to filter E-Mails considerably. You will also notice that several E-Mails display "..." on even the short subject lines. This means that the full subject does not fit in the column and more information exists. This common practice just shows that spammers add many spaces to their messages and then place the random characters out of "normal" view. Expanding the column reveals the truth.

Also here, you see MANY messages that are well over 100KB. These are absolutely, positively a virus. Zero doubt. Why? Because any "real" person that would send any attachment would actually "attach" the file. Look on the far left column of the next shot.