www.BlackViper.com: E-Mail Filtering Guide

Image 1.8

8) Email Source. (Image 1.8)

The contents of the E-Mail attachment is not readable by humans. However, what the file REALLY is and what it will do IS readable.

Highlighted, I have the actual MIME encoding format; it tells the E-Mail client what to do with the attachment. In this case, it is:


The funny thing is, the actual file name "height.pif" has nothing to do with "audio." PIF is a shortcut to a program. Like what you would find on your desktop. Again, a real person would NEVER send you an "audio" file saved as a "shortcut."

Why is the file a .pif? It is automatically executed by the E-Mail client and the OS regardless of what the MIME encoding says.

This is just one of the many examples I have in my inbox.