www.BlackViper.com: E-Mail Filtering Guide

Image 2.4

12) This is my "Default Subject Line" filter. (Image 2.4)

Oddly enough, many people absolutely feel compelled either to not include my default subject line or must modify it. That is why I have a loose rule pertaining to my subject line.

The actual line is "A Question or Comment for Black Viper." However, if you include "comment" or "Black" or "Viper" in the subject line, it will still get through to me.

Update 18APR2003: Due to some spammers automatically including the E-Mail address in the subject line, I have modified my filter to say "Black Viper" and not just "Viper." Why? Because "Viper" is part of my E-Mail address (...@blkviper.com) and the spams that have been including it in the subject line have been slipping through.

This rule also sends it to a particular folder that is viewed by me by default. In reality, a rapid reply will result if I have to do little action to reply to an E-Mail. Pass my filters and the information you desire is yours. :)

Absolutely zero spam's have got through from a robot. Why? The robots may include "bv" (since that is the information before the @ symbol in the E-Mail address) in the subject line, but never have they equated "Black Viper" to "bv." Actually, many spams will include the information before the @ symbol and then a comma, then some spam message. One of my filters detects "bv," and "bv@" in the subject line and delete it.