www.BlackViper.com: E-Mail Filtering Guide

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16) Blocking Domains. (Image 2.8)

If you find that your filters are catching lots of E-Mails from a particular domain, you can block it before it even gets to you.

The Blocked Senders tab is processed BEFORE any filters are applied. This kills particular E-Mail addresses, like "someone@domain.com" or whole domains, like "spamsender.com."

As a result of this, it would be very wise not to block E-Mails from "popular" domains, such as "hotmail.com" or "yahoo.com" because, even though many spammers fake the E-Mails addresses with these domains, many people use these services for their personal E-Mail. However, if you get an E-Mail from "bulkemail.org," I am sure that no legitimate person will be sending you an E-Mail with an account from that domain... and if they did, would you want to get it?

I hope this offered some insight into the techniques I use to, not only fight spam, but identify the clever virus's out there attempting to suck up bandwidth from the rest of the internet. If this has helped you, feel free to Contact BV, but, remember, leave the default subject line intact... or your E-Mail could be tagged and automatically deleted as spam.