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Windows Server 2003 boot screen
Image 2.1: (5KB .gif)

16) Windows Server 2003 boot screen: (Image 2.1)

The new Windows Server 2003 Family boot screen is displayed.

Windows Server 2003 Installation
Image 2.2: (20KB .gif)

17) Windows Server 2003 Installation: (Image 2.2)

If you have installed Windows XP Home or Professional before, this screen will look familiar. Take note, the color scheme has changed from "blue" to "gray."

Sit back. It may be awhile.

Region and Input Languages
Image 2.3: (19KB .gif)

18) Region and Input Languages: (Image 2.3)

A little while later, you will be prompted with options of configuring your Region and Input Languages. The default was fine for me, so I selected Next.

Options include Customize button, Details Button, plus the standard Back and Next.

Region and Input Languages
Image 2.4: (16KB .gif)

19) Enter in your Name: (Image 2.4)

Enter in your Name and optional Organization information, then select the Next button.

Select the Next button to continue.

25 digit Product Key
Image 2.5: (16KB .gif)

20) 25 digit Product Key: (Image 2.5)

Thought you could get away from it? Think again.

Enter your unique 25 digit Product Key that came with your CD or download, then select the Next button.

Configure the Licensing mode
Image 2.6: (17KB .gif)

21) Configure the Licensing mode. (Image 2.6)

I usually select "Per Server," but choose what ever License mode that you have purchased.

Options are Per server or Per seat.

Per server is usually used for a single-server network.

Per client is used if all of the concurrent connections is higher than the number of clients or seats that you have.

Complete explanations of all licensing options is available from Microsoft directly and beyond the scope of this guide.

Select the Next button to continue.


Enter a Computer name and an Administrator Password
Image 2.7: (18KB .gif)

22) Enter a Computer name and an Administrator Password: (Image 2.7)

The "suggested" name for the computer is always really whacked out. Choose one that meets your needs.

Enter an Administrator Password now. It is very important that you keep this information safe and remember what it is!

Select the Next button to continue.

Not a strong Password
Image 2.8: (20KB .gif)

23) Not a strong Password: (Image 2.8)

If the chosen password does not meet acceptable guidelines, a warning box will appear with suggestions on how to make the system more secure. Do it.

"01Pa$$word" is still not a good choice, but it meets the criteria. Think of something secure and never lose or forget it.

Date, Time and Time Zone
Image 2.9: (17KB .gif)

24) Date, Time and Time Zone: (Image 2.9)

Configure the proper information for the Date, Time and Time Zone here.

Select the Next button to continue.

Network is installing
Image 2.10: (16KB .gif)

25) Network is installing: (Image 2.10)

Faster development of applications, but still slow install times. Wait here while the Network is installing.

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