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Network Settings Dialog
Image 3.1: (16KB .gif)

26) Network Settings Dialog: (Image 3.1)

The Network Settings Dialog is next. Under usual circumstances, the Typical settings are fine, but I never choose them so I can poke around under the hood. I selected Custom settings here.

Choose your method and select the Next button.

Custom settings
Image 3.2: (19KB .gif)

27) Custom settings: (Image 3.2)

In the Custom settings, many options are abound. I cannot go into all of them here, but I will hit on the high points.

With this configuration, I will not be using Network Load Balancing, so I left it in the default position of unchecked.

File and Print Sharing
Image 3.3: (18KB .gif)

28) File and Print Sharing: (Image 3.3)

File and Print Sharing for Microsoft Networks has several options not available with Windows XP Home or Professional.

For this system, I will leave it at the default of Maximize data throughput for file sharing.

TCP/IP Properties
Image 3.4: (20KB .gif)

29) TCP/IP Properties: (Image 3.4)

TCP/IP Properties contains the standard options. Adjust them for your particular needs as required. For now, I kept the default settings. Basically, it is using DHCP to configure TCP/IP. If you are using a static IP address, enter in the proper information here.

Select the Advanced button to further configure your TCP/IP options.

Workgroup or Computer Domain
Image 3.5: (17KB .gif)

30) Workgroup or Computer Domain: (Image 3.5)

Workgroup or Computer Domain, that is the question. I am not going to set up this system as a domain controller, so I will place it as a member of a workgroup.

Please, change "WORKGROUP" to something else. I hate defaults. :)

Select the Next button after making your choice.


Install screen
Image 3.6: (15KB .gif)

31) Install screen: (Image 3.6)

Every Microsoft OS states in the install screen that it is "the best ever." It is a big subject of debate whether it could get any worse.

The system will reboot after all files have been copied over to the install partition. Now may be a good time to take a break. It may be awhile.

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