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Windows 2003 is starting up
Image 4.1: (16KB .gif)

32) Windows 2003 is starting up: (Image 4.1)

The moment we have all been waiting for, Windows 2003 is starting up "for the first time." Remember that quoted statement with Windows 95 setup?

Three Finger Salute
Image 4.2: (17KB .gif)

33) Three Finger Salute: (Image 4.2)

Hit the "Three Finger Salute" combination of Ctrl+Alt+Delete to login to the Administrator account.

You did remember your password, right?!?

Log in dialog
Image 4.3: (16KB .gif)

34) Log in dialog: (Image 4.3)

Enter your password to login to the Administrator account.

Select OK to continue.

Welcome Screen
Image 4.4: (22KB .gif)

35) Welcome Screen: (Image 4.4)

A welcoming screen is included with tools to manage the server.

The initial screen resolution is set to 640 x 480. You may select the popup balloon to raise that up to 800 x 600 automatically.

Manage Your Server
Image 4.5: (23KB .gif)

36) Manage Your Server: (Image 4.5)

800 x 600 is a wonderful thing. Now you can see all of the "Manage Your Server" screen.

My choice was to check the box "Don't display this page at logon" in the bottom left.

This concludes Black Viper's Guide to installing Windows 2003 Enterprise Server.

I hope this page helped you out or gave you a sneak peek at what is to come.

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