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Windows 2000 is starting up
Image 4.1: (11KB .gif)

32) Windows 2000 is starting up: (Image 4.1)

The moment we have all been waiting for, Windows 2000 Professional is starting up "for the first time." Remember that quoted statement with Windows 95 setup?

Network Wizard
Image 4.2: (13KB .gif)

33) Network Wizard: (Image 4.2)

Windows 2000 Network ID Wizard is displayed with the option of canceling or selecting Next.

I chose Next here.

Click Back
Image 4.3: (12KB .gif)

34) Click Back: (Image 4.3)

At this point, an initial option was not offered.

Click the Back button to see it.

Choose your option
Image 4.4: (11KB .gif)

35) Choose your option: (Image 4.4)

Here, I choose to select the second option of The computer is part of a home network and not part of a business network.

Does it make any difference? Not sure, but it makes me feel better.

After choosing your option, select Next to continue.

Auto Login
Image 4.5: (13KB .gif)

36) Auto Login: (Image 4.5)

Windows 2000 offers the ability for you, right now, to create a user account, password it, and "always login" as this person.

This is what I "usually" do as I have no worries about anyone in the house cracking the system, but if your circumstances warrant it, I would not have auto login enabled. However, you should still create a "normal" user account and not always use the Administrator account for daily activities.

NEVER leave an account unpassworded.

Windows 2000
Image 4.6: (26KB .gif)

37) Windows 2000 Desktop: (Image 4.6)

Since I chose to auto login, I did not get the pop up dialog asking for password.

The desktop is now displayed!

I hope this gave you some insight as how "easy" it really is to install Windows 2000.


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