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Installation will now start
Image 3.1: (41KB .gif)

22) Installation will now start: (Image 3.1)

Installation will now start after selecting the Next button.

Formatting of the hard drive
Image 3.2: (31KB .gif)

23) Formatting of the hard drive: (Image 3.2)

Formatting of the hard drive or partitions will begin.

Depending on the size of the hard drive, this may take much time.

Transfer of the install image
Image 3.3: (31KB .gif)

24) Transfer of the install image: (Image 3.3)

Transfer of the install image to the hard drive now takes place.

Again, if you selected many packages, this could take some time.

Installation of all selected packages
Image 3.4: (65KB .gif)

25) Installation of all selected packages: (Image 3.4)

Installation of all selected packages and applications are now underway.

Depending on what was selected and system configuration, this could take 15 minutes to over an hour.

Insert the next CD soon
Image 3.5: (65KB .gif)

26) Insert the next CD soon: (Image 3.5)

Do not go far, though, as you may be required to insert the next CD soon.


Boot floppy
Image 3.6: (27KB .gif)

27) Boot floppy creation: (Image 3.6)

If this is the only OS to be installed, I recommend to install a boot loader previously, such as Grub (the default). This does NOT mean that you should forget about creating a boot floppy, also.

If this is part of a Multi-Boot System, I recommend a boot floppy, created here, and not to use a boot loader.

Important: If you chose to NOT install a boot loader and NOT make a boot floppy, your Red Hat installation will NOT work.

Please view my Multi-Boot Guide for more information about boot floppies.

Graphics card setup
Image 3.7: (46KB .gif)

28) Graphics card setup: (Image 3.7)

Select your graphics card setup and memory configuration here.

Chose Next after highlighting your selection.

Monitor setup
Image 3.8: (43KB .gif)

29) Monitor Setup: (Image 3.8)

Enter the proper values or highlight the model of your display here.

After selecting the configuration for your system, chose Next.

Desktop resolution
Image 3.9: (38KB .gif)

30) Desktop resolution: (Image 3.9)

Choose your desktop resolution and bit-depth.

Capabilities beyond your card should not be displayed.

install complete
Image 3.10: (35KB .gif)

31) Install complete: (Image 3.10)

Installation is completed and the system will reboot after selecting Next.

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