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32) Grub boot loader: (Image 4.1)

Upon reboot, the Grub (if selected previously in the install process) is displayed with the option of booting your Linux installation.

If you opted for a boot floppy, ensure that your system is configured to boot from "A:" first, then your hard drive, otherwise, your system may skip to your previous OS by default.

Boot Red Hat
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33) Boot Red Hat: (Image 4.2)

Keep in mind, while the OS is loading, Linux is famous for allowing the USER to choose exactly what, how and why everything happens.

This is not Windows.

You will see all kinds of information about the internal workings of your system.

Do not be alarmed. You will come to enjoy that information in due time. :)

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34) Logon: (Image 4.3)

If you opted for a graphical install screen, the user name prompt is displayed.

Log in as one of the users you created previously (not root) and enter in your password (not blank).

Gnome Desktop
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35) Gnome Desktop: (Image 4.4)

The Red Hat 8.0 default desktop is now displayed. If you selected KDE and not Gnome, your view will be slightly different.

Remember, anything that you wish to do, you can, including messing with system files.

When in doubt, think twice. :)

Black Viper
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36) BlackViper.com in Mozilla: (Image 4.5)

I had to fire up Mozilla 1.0.1 to ensure my internet connectivity functioned, and it worked great!

Thank you for viewing my install guide and I hope it has helped you gain an insight to what may be required before taking the Red Hat plunge.

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