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Prepare Disk Space
Image 2.1: (44KB .jpg)

6) Prepare Disk Space: (Image 2.1)

Since my current storage device has no data on it, Ubuntu detects no operating system installed. This is a good thing.

Here, I chose to allow Ubuntu to automatically setup my partition information for me by leaving the default Erase and use the entire disk selected.

One more warning: This will erase all data on the drive you have selected.

Press the Forward button to continue.

Who are you?
Image 2.2: (68KB .jpg)

7) Who Are You? (Image 2.2)

Fill in the requested information, such as name, your user account and computer name. It should be worth noting that the Forward button is disabled until a password is entered and confirmed. Ensure that you use a good password and not things like "default" or even worse, "pa$$word". Upper and lowercase letters, symbols and random characters (that you can remember) are a good choice.

Depending on personal preference and the environment you are using the system, you can select Log in automatically. I personally prefer the default of Require my password to log in.

Press the Forward button to continue. A dialog box warning of a weak password could appear.

Ready To Install
Image 2.3: (76KB .jpg)

8) Ready To Install: (Image 2.3)

A summery appears with, once again, the data destroy warning...

Press the Install button to continue.

Installing System
Image 2.4: (81KB .jpg)

9) Installing System: (Image 2.4)

A progress bar now appears while Ubuntu is setting up the system.

Apt Get
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10) Apt Get: (Image 2.5)

I suggest allowing Apt Get to continue setup tasks and do not press the Skip button here.

Installation Complete
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11) Installation Complete: (Image 2.6)

Ubuntu is now installed.

Press the Restart Now button to reboot the system.

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