How to Use Newsgroups Guide

4) Internet Connection Wizard: Your E-Mail Address. (Image 1.4)

A dialog box requesting your E-Mail address is now displayed.

To access my newsgroups, use a "valid" E-Mail address in your newsgroup posting. This is not to attract SPAM of any kind, it is to allow the readers of your content to contact you directly without the "public" reading the discussion. If you are worried about posting your E-Mail as "myemail@mydomain.com," instead, post it "human readable" like:

  • myemail AT mydomain.com
  • myemail@mydomainDOTcom
  • myemail AT mydomain DOT com
  • myemail@REMOVEmydomain.com
  • myemail@NOSPAMmydomain.com

After entering your E-Mail address, select Next.