Darkstone Walkthrough: Deamons

  1. Gaetan asks for you to retreave his axe stolen by the Goblin leader.
  2. Upon your return, Gaetan gives you The Shield of Deamons.
  3. A room with tiles and a Deamon Statue will be in the dungeon.
  4. Follow the circle tile path and smack the statue to get a gem. Beware of snakes while hitting all statues.
  5. The next level has a maze and fireball traps.
  6. Smack the maze statue for the next gem.
  7. The next level has a room with an ugly worm. Kill it to gain access to the last statue.
  8. On the last level, place all gems on the arch pedistals to gain access to a room with the Helmet.
  9. Equip the Helmet and the Shield to grab the crystal.