Darkstone Walkthrough: Draaks' Lair

Place each Crystal on the pedestals. Speak with Sebastian and he will give you the Time Orb. Return at any time to recharge it simply by giving the orb back to him.

Crystal of Bravery

Crystal of Compassion

Crystal of Integrity

Crystal of Nobility

Crystal of Strength

Crystal of Virtue

Crystal of Wisdom

After creating The Time Orb, fight your way down to Draak's cave and cast town portal near where Draak is.

The Time Orb

The normal way is to fight Draak until he is down to about half of his hit points and activate The Time Orb before he regenerates and finish him off. What if you cannot finish him off in the 25 seconds? Before time runs out, walk through the Portal back to town. I have entered when there was only 2 seconds left. Replenish supplies in town and travel back through the woods to the entrance of Level 29 and give The Time Orb back to Sebastian. He will recharge The Time Orb as many times as needed. Travel back through Level 29 and 30, but before confronting Draak again, cast Invisibility to have time to get close to Draak and prepare yourself without having him shoot fire at you. Upon meeting Draak again, he will have as many hit points as when you teleported out previously. Activate The Time Orb again and you will have an additional 25 seconds to finish Draak off! Did not quite make it? Your previous portal should still be there. Just repeat the process as many times as it takes. Casting Haste will speed up the travel time through the woods and levels if you are pressed for time...Usually it only took a minute or two for me to return to the battle. A warrior may use a Invisibility/Portal scroll as needed and maybe use Reflections to nullify Draak's breath all together. You may also use The Time Orb as soon as he changes into a Dragon, but you may have to make several trips back to town to finish Draak off.

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Draak will drop a key and the Astral hand. Unlock his treasure room with the key and use the Astral Hand on the Darkstone in town. You have completed it!

A Key

The Astral Hand