Darkstone Walkthrough: Eraldus's Wife

  1. You will meet Eraldus. He is seeking his wife back.
  2. Angeliqe is being held on the first level, but You will need to travel farther if you wish to save her.
  3. On the next level, you will find 2 potions of poison... save these...
  4. On the third level, you will find to more poison bottles.
  5. On the last level, throw an antadote potion in each pool to get the crystal. You can stop here if you want.
  6. On the third and also last level, their will be 4 pools (2 each.) Toss one poison in each pool. You will be confronted with a large spider. Kill it and get the key to free Angeliqe from her prison.
  7. Give her a teleportation scroll and go back to talk with Eraldus. He will play dirty. Kill him and his sneaky wife and get the key to the chest.