Darkstone Walkthrough: Eye of Ra

A blind monk will ask you to cure his blindness by retrieving the Eye of RA. First, you will find 6 globes and 3 statues. Place the proper "eyes" in each statue to pick them up.

In a sun dial room, you will place each statue in the proper location. Either decode the riddle or check the screen shots below.

Upon getting the Eye of Ra, give it to the monk. A magnifying glass is your reward. Gar, the fishing man, has some fresh fish in his bucket. Nicely take his fish and give it to the carpenter. Lead the carpenter back to the broken bridge and use the magnifying glass on the sign to read it. The solution is to face the chest, move all the way to the left (West), travel up the shoreline till directly above the chest (let's call it North) and then straight down (South) to open it.

Take the bible from the chest and head for the Temple of Eras. Pitch more food onto the places for an offering. Give the resulting Eras the (blank) book for him to write a passage in it. Head to the monk and convert him to Eras' cause. Obviously, since Eras is all knowing, you may return to speak with him without doing anything further and a crystal will be yours.

A Bronze Statuette

A Silver Statuette
A Golden Statuette