Darkstone Walkthrough: Horgan and the Orc Camp

Horgan asks you to retrieve the Crystal of Life from the Orcs leader, Korgon. Doing so will allow you to continue into the dungeon.


Seek out and slay the Orc leader and the Crystal of Life will drop to the ground.

The Crystal of Life

Upon returning the Crystal of Life to Horgan, he will give you the amulet and tell you the secret to entering the dungeon. Horgan's Amulet
If you do not have 2 people, just place an extra sword on the pad and wear the amulet to break the opening to The Gate of the Lonely.


The Gate of the Lonely

On the 1st level, you will encounter Gartol. Kill him and his minions and take his sword. Gartol's Sword
On the 2nd level, you will encounter Digmar. Kill him and his minions and take his sword. Digmar's Sword
On the 4th level, use each of the 2 collected swords in the skulls. Out pops Hassen. Slay him and grab the Crystal and his sword as a bonus. Hassen's Sword