Darkstone Walkthrough: Minor Quests

All of these quests are given by random people in town. The reward is usually 10000 gold, but sometimes less.

Hunt and Kill Quests:

Buzbal The Furious

Buzbal The Furious

The Evil Garth

Nosferatu the Vampire

Seek and Return Item Quests:

The Bard's Music Score The Broken Vase
The Celestial Harp The Claw of Sargon
The Cursed Sword The Dragon Scale
The Holy Grail The Diadem of Oblivion
Magic Anvil Medallion of Melchior
(not a minor quest, but I have
not figured out where to put it yet...)
The Path Book
The Royal Diadem

The Sacred Scroll

Shield of Light The Stone of Souls
The Storm Flower Unicorn's Horn