Darkstone Walkthrough: Song of the Snake

Start out by finding the Fairy Lake.

Fairy Lake

Smack the Drum and the Fairy will appear, giving you clues as to the solution to your quest. Head to the entrance to begin.


Seek out 5 "Chests," 2 Chests on the 1st level, 1 Chest on each of the remaining 3. Each Chest will contain a different sized Reed. Obtain each of them and head for The Mouth Room.

A Reed

A Reed

A Reed

A Reed

A Reed

You may also get a head start on killing the snakes before placing the reeds by standing near the red dot and using a range weapon or spell.


As the Fairy was hinting to, place each reed in the mouths from left to right starting from the smallest to the largest.


The Reeds

Open the door to reveal the Crystal. Kill all of the snakes while the song is playing and you will not be harmed. Grab the Crystal and you are finished.