Darkstone Walkthough: The Sun Cross

Start out by talking with Drakus. He tells you to seek out The Sun Cross.


Make your way down to the 4th level and speak with a man called Gondor.


You must seek out a key to unlock the door on the other side of the room.

A Key

If you wish, you may kill the prisoner to be attacked by more spiders, but you may also just hit the switch and get the key. Either way, it has no effect on game play.


A Key

Choose a weapon and Gondoor will give you Kaliba's Amulet. Use it on the 3rd level to enter the Monastery.

Kaliba's Amulet

Head through the door and to the right. Flip a switch disguised as a torch to reveal a secret passage.


Secret Passage

Travel down the hall to Inoc's Tomb and slay him. He will drop the Sun Cross.

The Sun Cross

After giving The Sun Cross to Drakus, He and his goons will attempt to kill you. Slay them and pick up the Crystal.