Darkstone Walkthrough

Townsfolk Information ~ Not finished, but updated.

Minor Quests Information ~ Completed

Major Quests:

The Land of Ardyl

Free the Unicorn ~ TEXT ONLY
Genna's Poisoning ~ TEXT ONLY
Horn of Plenty ~ TEXT ONLY
Song of the Snake ~ Completed
The Sun Cross ~ Completed
The Witches Stone Curse ~ TEXT ONLY

The Land of Marghor

Eraldus's Wife ~ TEXT ONLY
Eye of Ra ~ TEXT and (some) Pics.
Horgan and the Orc Camp ~ Completed
Lost Baby ~ TEXT ONLY
Shadire ~ TEXT ONLY
The Hive ~ TEXT ONLY

The Land of Omar

Circles of Life and Death ~ TEXT ONLY
Deamons ~ TEXT ONLY
Langolins Disguise ~ Not Done!
Spectre 2 ~ Not Done!
The Prince
~ Not Done!
The Spectre ~ Not Done!

The Land of Serkesh

Druids ~ TEXT ONLY
Magic Number ~ TEXT ONLY
Vampire ~ TEXT ONLY

Draak's Lair ~ Completed