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Computer Name Changing

Have you changed computers or OS's since the first time you installed Darkstone? If so, your computer "name" may have changed. Even if you keep your "original" computer name, different versions of windows reports the name in different manners. This would make your backed up character files invalid (you do back up your "save" game directory, right?) Example, BLKVIPER, BlkViper, blkviper are all valid windows computer names, but different programs report different versions of it. I have not changed the way I input this information, it is just that the OS has changed the way it reports it.. I found a way to make everything good.

WARNING!!! This method uses the help of a HEX EDITOR! These type of programs, by nature, are very powerful. Back up everything that you wish to save before attempting any changes.

The Hex Editor that I used is Hackman v6.0.
The file that we will be playing with is "Darkstone\save\characters\characters.lpl" Back this up!!!
The best way to attempt this is to create a new character on your new PC or OS installation and view the file using Hackman v6.0 to see what Darkstone is using as the computer name. The first few bytes are where your computer name is stored. This is the area that you will be changing.
Open the old file using Hackman v6.0.
Change the first few bytes to reflect what the computer name should be and save the file. REMEMBER, this is case sensitive, so make sure it is done properly. (Note, Windows XP uses all CAPS computer names for Darkstone.)

Here are some screen shots to help you out! Click on thumbnail for larger size.

Hackman v6.0Hackman v6.0

General Tips

  • Food ~ RUN everywhere! It may use more food, but food is plentiful. Time is not...
  • Camera ~ I have found that hitting F10 for the overhead (ala Gauntlet) camera is a plus when dealing with a lot of monsters and also if your character is equipped with any ranged weapons, whether it maybe a bow or ranged spells.
  • Weapons ~ No matter what character you choose, as long as that character has the stats to back them up, they may use other classes weapons (Wizard using a bow for example).
  • Spells ~ Berserk is THE most useful spell. Extra AC, to hit % and faster attacks.
  • Quest Items ~ During Multiplayer games, you may toss those Quest Items in town to save space in your inventory. They even are saved when the last person exits the game.
  • EXP ~ No matter what class of character you are, buy the learning skill as fast as you can and upgrade it as soon as possible. Anything to help out in earning more experience points is a plus!
  • Advancement ~ If you feel adventurous (and don't we all at some time) as soon as you get to the required level for the next higher skill level, go for it! The extra gold and EXP earned will be worth it.
  • Chickens ~ Beware of the deadly chickens! (Don't say I didn't warn you)
  • Minor Quests ~ Be sure that after receiving a minor quest in town that you jot down the Quest Item's name and who gave you the task. You must return to that person to receive your reward!
  • Minor Quests ~ You can always browse through the History (press H) to find out who gave you a quest, but that can take a long time later on in the game. Just look for an NPC who stays standing still by a tradesman and give them it. 9 times out of 10, it's the right person (the game helps you in other words.)
  • Repair ~ Even though you cannot make some quick cash by putting a spell on a scroll and selling it at full value, you may repair all of the items you find while dungeon dwelling and sell them at full price.
  • Repair ~ As a Warrior, always do this as much as you can yourself before selling stuff. The Warrior gets to be easily the richest player this way. For the Rogue, steal items and have your Warrior (you have one, right?) repair the items before selling.
  • Money ~ Drop off all of your extra gold in the bank. You do not need to carry it around to make any purchases and later on in the game, inventory space will become precious.
  • Items ~ If you have any items that need to be Identified, WAIT until you speak with Gunther the Blacksmith. If he offers you only 1 gold piece for the item, it is worth Identifying. On the other hand, if Gunther offers you MORE than 1 gold, it is a cursed item and you should sell it NOW for what ever you can get for it...usually the same price as an Identified magical item.
  • Saving ~ Save before heading into a new dungeon level or in to a new land and make sure you have your battle spells cast. It is not unusual to get ambushed when you enter.
  • Age ~ Have some extra gold laying around in the bank? Purchase a potion of Youth! It is worth -5 years on the old age and I believe your EXP raises a bit faster at a younger age. Note: The youngest you may be is 20, and after Level 100, you no longer grow older.


  • Killing Draak does not have to be a chore. This Strategy was implemented using a Sorceress, but it could be modified for any character class:
    After creating The Time Orb, fight your way down to Draak's cave and cast town portal near where Draak is. The normal way is to fight Draak until he is down to about half of his hit points and activate The Time Orb before he regenerates and finish him off. What if you cannot finish him off in the 25 seconds? Before time runs out, walk through the Portal back to town. I have entered when there was only 2 seconds left. Replenish supplies in town and travel back through the woods to the entrance of Level 29 and give The Time Orb back to Sebastian. He will recharge The Time Orb as many times as needed. Travel back through Level 29 and 30, but before confronting Draak again, cast Invisibility to have time to get close to Draak and prepare yourself without having him shoot fire at you. Upon meeting Draak again, he will have as many hit points as when you teleported out previously. Activate The Time Orb again and you will have an additional 25 seconds to finish Draak off! Did not quite make it? Your previous portal should still be there. Just repeat the process as many times as it takes. Casting Haste will speed up the travel time through the woods and levels if you are pressed for time...Usually it only took a minute or two for me to return to the battle. A warrior may use a Invisibility/Portal scroll as needed and maybe use Reflections to nullify Draak's breath all together. You may also use The Time Orb as soon as he changes into a Dragon, but you may have to make several trips back to town to finish Draak off.