Darkstone Character: ZeeMaa - Level 56

Final Update: January 30, 2000 R.I.P. due to Hard Drive Format and different OS explained below.

NOTE: I only have one screen shot of this character because I was not taking any while it was being played. I would update it, but since the time that I have played Darkstone, my computer name/workgroup/etc had changed slightly and the files are no longer valid. Different OS's treat the computer name slightly different and I am not willing to check every combination of names to recover the file. Example, BLKVIPER, BlkViper, blkviper are all valid windows computer names, but different programs report different versions of it. I have not changed the way I input this information, it is just that the OS has changed the way it reports it. Unfortunately, I deleted this character file before finding out about changing my computer name in the "characters.lpl" file.

Player Name: Black Viper
Level: 56EXP: 764771224
Age: 20Victories: 11801 + 3
BASENOWArmor Class: 601
Strength:121314% To Hit: 206
Magic:311504Damage: 224-229
Vitality:145338Resist Magic: 0
Resist Fire: 0
Life: 358Resist Poison: 0
Mana: 766

Darkstone Character: ZeeMaa - Level 55