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22JUN2000 2:17 PM PST

"Dear Battle.net Stress Testers,

As we promised, we wanted to alert you that the Diablo II Battle.net stress test will be coming to a close this Monday, June 26th at 8:00 AM PT in order for us to prepare for next week's launch of Diablo II. We want to extend a sincere thanks to all the beta testers who have logged many hours helping us optimize servers during the last few weeks.

But, before we bring the test to a close, we want to push the servers to the maximum by getting as many players online in one day as possible. To that end, we are asking that all beta testers log on and play this Friday, June 23. We hope we can count on each of you to log on and take your stress test character for one more adventure through Act I.

Thank you again for all your time and effort in making our stress test successful. We hope to see you on Battle.net after the game launches.

Blizzard Entertainment"

07JUN2000 6:39 PM PST

This just in from Blizzard entertainment in my Inbox!

"Dear Battle.net Stress Testers,

We wanted to personally notify you that Diablo II has gone gold and the master CDs have been released to manufacturing. We expect the game to begin shipping to stores worldwide as early as the end of June.

Even though the game has gone gold, the stress test will continue throughout the next couple of weeks. The optimization of servers is completely independent from the game going gold, so you will continue to see network improvement up until launch. We also will be sending out access keys to European and Asian gamers shortly, so we can fully test those local servers prior to the game hitting stores as well.

We encourage you to continue playing over the next few weeks to help us test the servers as much as possible before the game ships. We will E-Mail you prior to the stress test ending.

Thank you for the hours you have committed to playing Diablo II on Battle.net. We hope that you will enjoy the game.

Blizzard Entertainment"

The wait begins now...


Two words: Diablo Two... :)

Next two words: Server Down! :(


I have posted the "Beta" version of the Character Submit Form [link removed]...check it out inside!


Blizzard has started to send out the E-Mails...and so far FOUR Infinity {OXO} Members have access to the Diablo 2 Stress Test! Those members are:

  • Black Viper
  • Djinn Khan
  • Flipper McQuack
  • Warthog

Congrats on getting the Download! I will have the Character Submit Form up soon for people to send in there character stats...but until then, PLAY!!!

Infinity games will be online...ICQ me for information on what server the game is currently on (BetaUSWest and Beta US East) and the password.


Blizzard has also announced that the Diablo 2 Stress Test may start as early as next week! I do wish that I am one of the top few to be able to download a copy...more to come!


Welcome to the new Diablo 2 site! Upon Blizzards release of the game, I will be posting Diablo 2 Character Sheets as well as Info that pertains to the game...Stay tuned...
For now, on May 1, 2000, Gamespot is hosting a signup for the Diablo 2 open beta. 100,000 people world wide will be selected to partake and I am hoping that I am one of the lucky few...

Check out the Diablo 2 Stuff for much more information...some Hints, Character Stats, Contact list and Links to other sites.