Dungeon Siege Trouble Shooting Tips

Friday April 5, 2002 @ 9:55 PM PST

It seems as though Dungeon Siege has the same problem that plagued Pool of Radiance. If you have not read my Trouble Shooting Tips for POR HERE, then I will spell them out again. If you are using Internet Connection Sharing and allowing all of your computer's to use DHCP, Internet Connection Sharing will assign a IP address with a "dot-zero-dot" in it. For example: You cannot join or host a LAN game with a "dot-zero-dot" in the IP address. Solution?

Here is the "To-Do" breakdown:

  • If you are using Internet Connection Sharing, ensure that the IP address (for the host or server) is as follows:
  • Change all IP's to not have a "dot-zero-dot" in the address (Not like, but would work) with a submask of Don't forget to add the address of your "gateway" and "DNS" servers on the client computers. ( or what ever you put in step one.)
  • Create a game and enjoy!
  • NOTE: You may need to place your submask on the host back to "" to surf the net, but at least you can create a game with no hastles.

Unfortunately, if you like using DHCP, you cannot due to Internet Connection Sharing not "easily" allowing a person to change the IPpool. Pool of Radiance released a patch to fix the problem, I am sure that they will do the same for Dungeon Siege.