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Saturday May 4, 2002 @ 10:20 AM PST

Seems as though, if you are using Internet Connection Sharing and want to play, you must have UPnP Device Host Service and also SSDP Discovery Service. They detect and configure UPnP devices on your home network. If you are experiencing difficulty connecting to multiplayer games that use DirectX7(8), place these services to Automatic and ensure you download all security updates.

20MAR2002 8:47 PM PST

Patch v1.4 is available. Check it HERE! [link removed]

30DEC2001 4:13 PM PST

Patch v1.3 that "fixes" some issues and such is FINALLY available. Check it HERE [link removed]!

Looking for help on trouble shooting your problems with POR? Check HERE!

20OCT2001 12:01 PM PST

Patch v1.2 that "fixes" multiplayer issues and such is FINALLY available. Check it HERE [link removed]!

Looking for help on trouble shooting your problems with POR? Check HERE!

07OCT2001 7:25 PM PST

I have moved the support section to its own page as to not crowd the news as much, so if you are having problems with LAN connectivity, etc, check it out. Also, the only place around here that you will find tips are HERE!

04OCT2001 8:39 PM PST

I have officially gave up on Pool of Radiance until the patch is released. Today, my G-fri and I attempted to start another multiplayer game with different characters and it was a total disaster. First, the characters we selected were not actually in the game, second (I wish I had gotten a screen shot of this...) there was 8 characters in the game. Yep, eight. Even funnier, after saving to test that out, it saved the wrong six characters. Needless to say, through all of this, I must be needing a RPG that I enjoy VERY badly to put up with this kind of software. If this happened a year ago, It would not have lasted 5 minutes on my hard drive, even though it has problems uninstalling anyway...

In the next few days, I will be moving the "Lan/Multiplayer information" to a different page and move the tips to tips, while still keeping "news" as it is...stay tuned!

For those of you requesting that walkthrough, until this game is stable and I know that there is at least a little bit LESS chance of save game corruption, etc, I am not even going to bother...

02OCT2001 6:01 PM PST

I added my first character status. A Barbarian. Check the latest HERE!

30SEP2001 8:20 PM PST

After all of the problems people have been reporting, plus the fact that the ONLY reason I purchased the game is for Multiplayer LAN (with G-Fri live in), I decided to give the game a shot at single player. I tell you what, it actually is a refreshing change from Diablo 2 (of which I have played for 1 year straight.) I am NOT a big fan of turn based combat, but it was implemented in a good manner. Not to mention that the graphics are pretty good. I am even working on a walkthrough. Stay tuned!

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