Pool of Radiance Tips


  1. Best tip for now: Don't uninstall...wait for fix for system file deletion and unbootable computer...
  2. Second best tip: Don't save while invisible! You will not be able to resave/recover your games...
  3. Barbarians rock. Make a Half-Orc fight for your party and you will not be disappointed.
  4. Ever wonder how to make a multiplayer game with only one or two characters? EASY! Here is how:

    Click on the shots for a more detailed look!

1) Make Game!

Create a New Multiplayer Game with all 6 characters. Then, after the game starts, select each character you wish to remove and click "Remove from Party" option.

Make Game!

2) Character gone Bye-Bye

After selecting "Remove from Party," the icon in the lower right will no longer be there, indicating you are successful.

Character gone Bye-Bye

3) Select the others!

Repeat for each character you want out of the party!

Select the others!

4) "Single" multiplayer goodness...

Your character fights alone, and even the characters that WERE there are not rendered in combat. Your EXP is also NOT shared with the others...If traveling through a portal, the other characters will be there, but still NOT be in the party!

"Single" multiplayer goodness...