Pool of Radiance Trouble Shooting Tips

Saturday May 4, 2002 @ 10:20 AM PST

Seems as though, if you are using Internet Connection Sharing and want to play, you must have UPnP Device Host Service and also SSDP Discovery Service. They detect and configure UPnPdevices on your home network. If you are experiencing difficulty connecting to multiplayer games that use DirectX7(8), place these services to Automatic and ensure you download all security updates.

20MAR2002 8:47 PM PST

Patch v1.4 is available. Check it HERE!

30DEC2001 4:13 PM PST

Patch v1.3 that "fixes" some issues and such is FINALLY available. Check it HERE!

20OCT2001 12:01 PM PST

Patch v1.2 that "fixes" multiplayer issues and such is FINALLY available. Check it HERE!

You may also need the v1.1 patch that is NOT included in the v1.2 release. Why?

04OCT2001 8:39 PM PST

I have officially gave up on Pool of Radiance until the patch is released. Today, my G-fri and I attempted to start another multiplayer game with different characters and it was a total disaster. First, the characters we selected were not actually in the game, second (I wish I had gotten a screen shot of this...) there was 8 characters in the game. Yep, eight. Even funnier, after saving to test that out, it saved the wrong six characters. Needless to say, through all of this, I must be needing a RPG that I enjoy VERY badly to put up with this kind of software. If this happened a year ago, It would not have lasted 5 minutes on my hard drive, even though it has problems uninstalling anyway...

In the next few days, I will be moving the "Lan/Multiplayer information" to a different page and move the tips to tips, while still keeping "news" as it is...stay tuned!

For those of you requesting that walkthrough, until this game is stable and I know that there is at least a little bit LESS chance of save game corruption, etc, I am not even going to bother...

03OCT2001 7:00 PM PST

A few blurbs to add:

  • Ensure your submask settings are correct. What worked for me is:
    • Host =
    • Client =
    • Submask (for both) =
  • For the Registry Patch (below) is ONLY if you installed in the DEFAULT directory (of which it does anyway...) but if you did not install in the default directory, the registry patch may not work because it does not contain the proper information.

Check out this thread in the official forum. JJ has really gotten me FIRED up about "2 computers work so there is no problems" and "TCP/IP on LAN is different than on the internet." Wow. I can't believe I wasted so much time figuring out these problems to just have tech support say "it works fine."

http://www.sonic.net/~shawn/poolrad/Forum3/HTML/000063.html {Update 21MAR2003: Link no longer valid}

02OCT2001 7:27 PM PST

It FINALLY WORKS!!! I was under the false impression that ONLY the server's IP address had to NOT contain a "dot-zero-dot" (example: but it is in fact true for ALL clients as well! If you run a server at and have a client join with an IP of (NOTE: 10 is valid because it is not a "dot-zero-dot, it is dot-ten-dot") the connect button lights up and Multiplayer gaming can begin!!! Ugh! Finally after 4 days of wandering around, I nailed it down.

Here is the "To-Do" breakdown:

  • Add the registry settings (found below or in this file - porregedit.reg) to make DirectX8 happy. (Instructions are 29SEP2001 below)
  • Change all IP's to not have a "dot-zero-dot" in the address (Not like or, but would work)
    • The previous step may require you to disable DHCP and make a static IP address for yourself. Remember to change it back after you quit!
  • Create a game and enjoy!

02OCT2001 12:04 PM PST

I attempted to play around with more registry settings to see if I could get this program running on a LAN with no luck. The updated screen shot is below. The keys added may or may not help you out, but I guess it is worth a shot if you wish.

30SEP2001 8:20 PM PST

After all of the problems people have been reporting, plus the fact that the ONLY reason I purchased the game is for Multiplayer LAN (with G-fri live in), I decided to give the game a shot at single player. I tell you what, it actually is a refreshing change from Diablo 2 (of which I have played for 1 year straight.) I am NOT a big fan of turn based combat, but it was implemented in a good manner. Not to mention that the graphics are pretty good. I am even working on a walkthrough. Stay tuned!

29SEP2001 11:04 PM PST

Below is a screen shot of the regedit keys that I have used. These may or may not need to be there, but LAN connectivity STILL does not work for me. Your results may very.

The only other one that I found that may need to be changed.

Good Luck.


Add them as "Strings" and place nothing for CommandLine.

Good Luck.


The two key locations are:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DirectPlay\Applications\Pool of Radiance 2


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\stormfront studios\pool of radiance 2

Also, edit your short cuts to the proper places/directories. If you do not know how to edit the registry, I am not going to teach you. What you do is your own biz. If your computer explodes, it is not my fault.

If you want to just download the registry file, get porregedit.reg and save on your hard drive. Edit the keys in notepad to reflect YOUR install path if other than default. REGARDLESS, BACK YOUR STUFF UP and if you are not comfy with what you are doing, wait for the upcoming patch!

29SEP2001 9:00 PM PST

FINALLY! I (accidentally) discovered the reason behind the "NO LAN connect" bug:

I use DHCP and the normal address is (it's changed now...) So, I changed my IP to and it worked! Check out the screen shots below!

Connecting Via DHCP:

Using 192.168.0.xxx as IP address.

Connecting Via DHCP:

Connected using "Static" IP on host:

Using as IP address

Connected using "Static" IP on host:

The Damn "Connect" button turns GREEN now! Surprise!

28SEP2001 10:48 PM PST

After modifying the registry, it seems that the LAN fix is not to edit the registry. It may work for your application, but it did not help for me. Still want to go looking for the keys in the registry yourself? Just search for "radiance" in EDIT -> FIND menu. If it does not show up the first time, hit "F3" until you get the "DirectPlay" tree...A screen shot is below a few lines...Remember, what you do to your registry is your OWN biz and NOT my fault if your computer explodes. :)

28SEP2001 10:28 PM PST

It seems as the "No sound card" installed problem is a biggie...I cannot put it on any other computer without one...

8 computers: 3 tested, 3 not working, 2 not going to try... (Complete Computer information is HERE![link removed])

System: P3 600

Error: "iKernal fault"

Occurs: RIGHT after autorun/setup starts (notice the progress bar...)

Important stats: WinMe, no sound, Toshiba DVD 16x

Error: "iKernal fault"

System: P2 300

Error: "Unhandled Exception"

Occures: right after selecting amount of install (even using "default" path).

Important stats: WinXP, no sound, 48x CD

Error: "Unhandled Exception"

System: P 233

Error: "Unhandled Exception"

Occures: right after selecting amount of install (even using "default" path).

Important stats: WinMe, no sound, 8x CD

Error: "Unhandled Exception"

No Sound on ALL:

The "No Sound Card" on ALL computers, regardless of whether there is a card there or not...

No Sound on ALL:

28SEP2001 9:49 PM PST

It seems as others are having just as much difficulty as I with this problem...I will try to come up with a solution, whether it be regediting or not. Working on installing on a couple of WinMe computers now...

28SEP2001 7:07 PM PST

After a call to tech support regarding LAN play on 2 XP machines, they told me that XP is not supported...wow, that did not really surprise me, though... Upon trying to install on 2 WinMe machines, there was various errors...probably due to not having sound cards installed in them... The other computers (8 computers in house...) had various issues, but I did get 3 XP machines running, here is the scoop:

I investigated some and after running "dxdiag" there is a report in the network tab that states (abbreviated):

DXDIAG Errors:

"The registry info for DirectPlay app "POR2" is missing or damaged. You should reinstall that application"

Important Stats: WinXP, SBlive5.1, GeForce3, Toshiba 16x

Also: WinXP, SBlive, GeForce2 Ultra, 52x CD

DXDIAG Errors:

POR2 Registry:

Well, after looking at other "DirectPlay" games in the registry, it seems that POR has only this key:


POR2 Registry:

AOE2 Example:

While most others have AT LEAST:



File Path

AOE2 Example:

So, I have not attempted editing as of yet, but I soon shall... other ideas?

28SEP2001 4:21 PM PST

I have just installed POR: RoMD and, well, rather frankly, I am not impressed, yet. I have read many posts on the official forum that people are having problems with the Uninstaller working while using something other than the default location. Until a fix has been generated, refrain from uninstalling the game.

I have had problems connecting to a LAN game. It just does not seem to work. Kind of fruity if you ask me. Will look into it further. A screen shot is posted at the top from a GeForce3 with all settings MAX.