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Here is a complete listing of all my Warhammer Online characters and links to the official armories:

Updated: October 7, 2008 (I no longer play Warhammer Online)

Total time /played = not calculated

Realm: US Server = Monolith (Core) - Order

Blackviper - Rank 1, Renown 0, Archmage

Blackviperen - Rank 6, Renown 4, Shadow Warrior

Realm: US Server = Wasteland (Core) - Destruction

Blackviper - Rank 1

Blackvipera - Rank 3, Renown 2, Sorcerer

Blackvipere - Rank 6, Renown 4, Shaman

Blackviperie - Rank 20, Renown 13, Marauder

A couple of notes:

  • I play games as a means of escaping the real world. As such, kind words shot my way in game are appreciated, but technical questions or flames will be ignored/reported.