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This is a listing of all the UI modifications that I used with Warhammer Online. Take note: I no longer play, so this page will remain as is without updates.

Updated: September 23, 2008

ActionBarColor ~ 2008-09-12

Changes the color of the whole action button red if out of range.


JunkDump ~ 2008-09-18

Sells items at a configurable level at the vendor... as in, all "grey" or "white", etc... Kinda like AutoProfit of World of Warcraft.


LibSlash ~ 2008-09-13

Library to use slash commands in game. A couple of these mods on this page require this one also to be installed.


NPC Item Sale Price ~ 2008-09-22

Displays the item sale price in the tool tip to determine best profit when selecting items to loot.


Yabber ~ 2008-08-21

Gets rid of those annoying chat bubbles. In game, use /yabber hide on to disable them.