www.BlackViper.com: World of Warcraft Beta UI Mod


I modified a few UI files to make my life (and maybe yours) a bit easier. The changes include:

1) Quest log is instant and shows level numbers
Mods that were taken partially from Cosmos:
2) Party HP/Mana/Rage/Energy show as text when moused over
3) Party Buffs (16)/Debuffs (8) always show
And something I conjured up myself (the code was always there, just not used):
4) The HP status display bar fades nicely from Green -> Yellow -> Orange -> Red.

Feedback/bugs/issues is welcome.

Additional Information

Nothing is optional, sort of. You can delete the particular files in the interface directory dealing with any "features" you do not like.


Download the .zip file and extract it into your \World of Warcraft\ directory: Interface_v7.zip [link removed] (12,815 bytes)

If your computer explodes or causes great harm to your pet animals, it is not my fault.


Version 7: November 7, 2004
- Updated for WoW Patch November 7, 2004
- Removed MOD that placed tooltip at the top of the screen. It is back at the default location. Why? The "uber" tooltip is very large at with ScaleUI=1 and blocks some other information.

Version 6: September 30, 2004
- Updated for WoW Patch September 29, 2004
- Increased the size of Party HP/Mana/Rage/Energy text when moused over. It should now be easier to read.

Version 5: September 21, 2004
- Updated for WoW Patch September 17, 2004

Version 4: August 19, 2004
- Updated for WoW Patch August 18, 2004

Version 3: June 26, 2004
- Fixed a bug that would only update the party buffs when member was selected. They should "always" update now.

Version 2: June 22, 2004
- Fixed an issue that displayed only 6 party buffs at a time. It has been changed to show 16 as well as changed debuffs from 6 to 8.

Version 1 Initial release: June 19, 2004

Version 0 (internal test)
- Fixed a "cannot use zep/boat bug"
- Fixed a bug that did not display quest rewards
- Fixed a bug that only displayed 6 empty squares for party buffs