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Need more opinion on the XBOX? Then view my XBOX Rant Page HERE!

Random Thoughts

  • (UPDATE: 23FEB2002) I do wish that SOME game developer would get the bright idea of using the hard drive and memory cards for something more than save games... Like, maybe even CONTROLLER CONFIGURATIONS! Wow! They might even be able to INCLUDE them in the save game, of which I am assuming that configurations for 12 buttons, 2 d-pads and 2 sticks cannot take up THAT much room! I almost always hate the "default" controls. I want to remap every button to what ever I want. When is this actually going to happen?!?
  • Probably going to have plenty of gaming support due to the XBOX supporting the WIDE standard of DirectX 8
  • Glad the console came along when it did...I was starting to get into Roller Coaster Tycoon... :)
  • Is "Project Gotham" spelled with a space or not?!? :)
  • XBOX generates a lot of heat...beware when installing in a cramped entertainment center with manuals and such around.
  • The "Warranty Period" for the XBOX (as stated on page 18 of the manual) is "90 days" with a disclaimer that states: "As to any defects discovered after the Warranty Period, there is no warranty or condition of any kind."
    • This frightens me due to the heat issue. The XBOX does produce plenty (as any computer owner would attest to) but it seems that the consumer has no leg to stand on if the XBOX explodes on day 91. Major bummer.

Old Projects

  • Set up Network and see if I can tap into the XBOX via Ethernet.
    • (18NOV2001) Seems to have connectivity, but I have not ascertained whether or not it REALLY has received an IP from DHCP or not. Note, UPnP STILL does not need to be active.
    • (20NOV2001) I pinged the IP pool with no go. Looks like I need a packet sniffer...ugh...what a pain.
    • (27NOV2001) Looks as though the sniffer revealed the IP address as "" and while HALO is up and "Looking for games," UDP packets are sent on port 3047. The extreme unfortunate aspect of all of this is only one thing. I only have one XBOX. So I cannot look at all the wonderful data that is transmitted between the two. Major Bummer.
  • Reinstall a TV tuner/capture card in computer for screenshots (is there another way?)
    • (20NOV2001) The VCR has a splitter and cables already to be hooked up to the computer. This should be no problem...
    • (24NOV2001) This has since been completed. I will add screen shots when I get something interesting to post.
      • Interesting observation, though, the screen captures are at "720 x 240" not very standard. :)
  • Throw on a few CD's for my own damn music during games! :)
    • Added a few CD's to the mix. It is really neat to drive a 'Vette and listen to Green Day. Kudo's (no pun intended) to Project Gotham Racing!

Games List

  • Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance (26NOV2002)
  • Knockout Kings 2002 (23JUN2002)
  • Genma Onimusha (23FEB2002)
  • NightCaster (27JAN2002)
  • Fuzion Frenzy (16DEC2001)
  • Azurik: Rise of Perathia (2DEC2001)
  • Halo (17NOV2001)
  • Project Gotham Racing (17NOV2001)
  • Dead or Alive 3 (17NOV2001)

Wish list

  • None for now.

Quick Bytes:


If you are use to a mouse and a keyboard, you are in for a surprise. It takes a little getting over it, but using a game pad with Analog Sticks is not as bad as I thought.

No walkthrough is planned, but a review should be up in the next few days. Want to review the WHOLE game and not just a couple of stages/levels/etc.

Update Morning of 24NOV2001 Only "3" more "levels" to go...initial thoughts: Great damn game! Must have title. Period. Stay tuned.

Update Evening of 24NOV2001 Finished Halo in "CoOP" mode. It is absolutely a supreme game...if any of of you actually knew me, you would realize that a "high" score from me is extremely rare. I never brag about a game. I hope beyond hope that Bungie will port Halo to PC. It will be the first/third person shooter that will redefine all shooters. The PC world will never be the same.

Project Gotham Racing:

Wow. Great fun. Just...one...more...Kudo...

Sucking the life from me as you read...just...one...more...ugh....

Tips and Rewards: *SPOILER ALERT!* Check out the Page HERE!

Screen shots are on my list of things to do with the page, but need to install the capture card FIRST before anything...but I just need...one...more...

Update Capture card is in and functioning. Trying to figure out what to due with the capabilities now...

Dead or Alive 3:

Fighting at its finest.


  • Do not go off of the COLORS of the buttons in the game manual for the moves. They are very wrong. The in game command list (displayed after pressing start while fighting) has all of the correct information.

Fighting is fighting. Really do not know what I could do on a page with this game. Maybe just a review and call it good.