Black Viper
Black Viper
Nov 302003

Introduction As with any of my various Rants, this will contain randomly generated thoughts that have been swimming around in my head for days, weeks and even months. As a side effect, it may seem fragmented to the casual reader but understand this: This document is drafted with passion and feeling for the subject at hand. I, by any stretch of the imagination, am not a lawyer. What is contained in this document are my feelings and opinions on a touchy subject based on extensively pouring over what is deemed [Continue Reading]

Jul 272003

FREE BEER! Now, obviously, I am not offering free beer or ever going to on this website or any other. However, I have placed this web page here for educational purposes to guide my readers in understanding the various Social Engineering techniques that are out today, and attempt to get you to do something you would normally not do. Please, read on… Introduction Social Engineering has been around since the dawn of time. The whole idea is to trick people into doing something that they would never wish to do [Continue Reading]

Mar 252003

Introduction I admit it. I enjoy people contacting me and asking technical questions. I also enjoy sharing my knowledge with strangers (people that do not contact me but surf on in) as well as, sometimes, the desperate people asking me for help as a “last resort.” As with anything, this also has its limits. This page contains “all too frequent” questions that are “Impossible To Answer by E-Mail.” The reason behind this is not to make anyone angry or shun people from contacting me. What it is an attempt at [Continue Reading]

Nov 292002

Introduction Advertising has saturated every one’s life, for the better or worse. The influx of media in everyday life has also spawned the explosion of advertising in places where I really do not desire to see them. As such, this domain has not and will not have obnoxious flash, Gif or other ad types. Let me explain the evolution of this decision. Update September 18, 2007: I have “Google Ads” throughout the domain in an attempt to increase my “income” as my “outcome” is much greater. I feel it is a [Continue Reading]

Nov 112002

Monday, November 11, 2002 @ 7:11 PM PST Wow. I just received my first spam in a foreign language (from the Netherlands: Dutch?). It is attempting to sell me a PDA lock. Software? Either my E-Mail address has “hit the big time” or this can only mean the world will end soon. Not only will I get Vi@gra ads in English, but I will have the pleasure of sifting through multiple languages. Something to look forward to as the Internet “progresses.” Here is the E-Mail, slightly edited to get rid of [Continue Reading]

Nov 112002

I became excited to find out that Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 was about to be released. I loved NFS3 and looked forward to an “upgraded” graphics engine. I became happy to discover that Need For Speed: HP2 did do a massive overhaul to, not only game play, but also the whole package. As with everything, though, there is a problem. I actually was going to do a Quick Rant on NFS: HP2 because I became extremely frustrated at every turn with the controller fiasco dealing with this product. [Continue Reading]

Sep 022002

The Change I resist change as much as I can. I am rather set in my ways and enjoy it when I know “what is to come.” I also know exactly what I want, most of the time. Unfortunately, my favorite “Fast Food” restaurant has now changed a product that I have enjoyed for over 15 years. Let me explain. The Problem Since I am VERY picky concerning what I eat, I have loads of problems when I go to a restaurant. The problem stems from the fact that I do not like [Continue Reading]

Aug 132002

Introduction Having information posed for the world to view for free has its advantages and disadvantages. I love it when I receive E-Mail telling me how much people enjoyed my information and glad I have taken the time to post it. Praise for my site layout and easy navigation arrive often in my E-Mail. Please keep them coming! Other times, I get rude E-Mails, often not very literate, that tell me I am worthless, should be taken off of the internet, death threats (yes, really) and many more. This is the reality of giving free [Continue Reading]

Aug 092002

Every 2 years, Blizzard kicks out another title to suck away my free time. Warcraft 3 is no exception. Combining an innovative matchmaking online service with outstanding game play, not to forget about the intertwining of the races in the single player campaign; Warcraft 3 is a winner. I must start out by saying that I was one of the “chosen” to participate in the Warcraft 3 Beta test. Having that privilege, I knew what was coming in the full version. Regardless of the amount of knowledge of “what was to come,” I had [Continue Reading]

Jul 302002

Update May 12, 2004: After originally posting my AMD and Intel Rant on July 30, 2002, many items touched on have become extremely out of date. I decided to take a “second look” at what both AMD and Intel has accomplished recently and hopefully provide a vision for the future. Read more… Why no AMD? Some people have asked me, “Even though you have a few computers, why are NONE of them AMD based?!?” Simple. I do not like AMD. If you feel you cannot handle what is contained in this [Continue Reading]