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Nov 012008

You violated my forum rules, abused my network (bots), authored reported posts too many times (Report to Moderator), or just plain were disruptive/rude in the normal course of discussions. I hold all rights as to whom I allow access to my internal network. I therefore reserve the right to ban anybody for any reason at any time without warning or explanation and regardless of donation/forum membership status. If you feel this is in error, you may contact me

Mar 042008

The short answer: depends. The long answer: D E P E N D S. The best way for you to figure that out is load up everything that you plan on doing “at the same time.” Meaning, if you regularly have 5, 10, 20 or more browser windows open, Email client, a media player streaming music/video, a game or high powered editing software, fire that all up! After doing so, hit CTRL+ALT+DEL to open up the task manager and determine how much memory all of your applications are using. With [Continue Reading]

Dec 182007

What I am not going to do: Predict on an individual basis whether Service Pack 1 or 2 “will work for you.” Test whether or not System Restore will “undo” Service Pack 1 or 2 or if you will be able to go back to a previous install point before Service Pack 1 or 2 installation. With that said, this is my recommendations: No matter what, I would recommend to install SP1 and then SP2. If for nothing else, the knowledge that all of the “security” updates are current, not [Continue Reading]

Oct 162007

Several services states cannot be modified using a registry patch in Windows Vista. These are not listed to avoid errors while applying the patch to your system. I have found that the following Windows Vista Services states cannot be controlled by a registry file in normal or safe mode: DCOM Server Process Launcher Diagnostic Policy Service Diagnostic Service Host Diagnostic System Host Distributed Link Tracking Client Group Policy Client Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Security Accounts Manager Windows Modules Installer

Apr 162007

With the default Category Control Panel: Head to Start Select Control Panel Select System and Maintenance Select Administrative Tools Select Services Select a service to adjust by double-clicking In the General tab, Startup type section, select Automatic (Delayed Start), Automatic, Manual or Disabled. If you like, you can also do: Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> Run –> type in services.msc –> Select OK. After configuring all services that you desire to change, reboot to see the effects of your tweaking. Note: Do not use msconfig to stop services. [Continue Reading]

Sep 042004

The reason is because during the installation of Windows XP Home, the workgroup setting is not saved. However, the workgroup setting is saved after the installation is complete with Windows XP Pro. The defaults are as follows: Windows XP Home workgroup default: “MSHOME” Windows XP Pro workgroup default: “WORKGROUP” To correct this error, have both Windows XP Home and XP Pro a member of the same workgroup. You can do that by running the network wizard on each system and entering the proper information. I do not recommend using either [Continue Reading]

Aug 122004

This particular issue came about due to a family member that was unable to check their HTTP E-Mail accounts after a new installation of SBC DSL either by accessing it via a browser or Outlook Express. After over two hours of banging my head against the monitor, I figured out the solution: The "normal" way many DSL providers offer their service is using what is called "PPPoE" or Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet. Under normal circumstances, this is fine. However, it can cause issues such as this one. The [Continue Reading]

Jun 202004

Before the install/reinstallation of Windows XP, I highly recommend that you download Service Pack 3 “for multiple computers” and burn it onto a CD. The download is approximately 316.4MB. If you choose not to do this step, your system could become infected with a virus or worm exploiting the vulnerabilities that Service Pack 3 fixes. I also recommend that you do not have your system connected to the Internet until after the installation of Service Pack 3. This means that you cannot activate your XP installation during setup, but you [Continue Reading]

Jan 212004

Because I do not have the desire to write a novel length E-Mail back to everyone when “one word” or link says it all. Some other reasons include: I know exactly where everything is on my site, but I do not expect everyone to have the ability or the time to get there. However, I also do not have the time to be a personal internet guide. Usually, the answer to the question is either on the Frequently Asked Questions page, of which I send the URL to the answer, [Continue Reading]

Jan 212004

At one time, I did offer News Group access on my network. I even posted a guide to help people configure their computer to access it. Some of the reasons I no longer offer forums include: It took about three times as much effort to offer that resource than anything else because it actually “increased” the amount of “stuff” I had to deal with daily. I “had” to check it often because of the amount of “bad” people out there. Flame wars and advertising started happening. I pulled the plug [Continue Reading]