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Sep 242002

The reason is because with msconfig and Hardware Profiles, you can disable services that may be vital to boot your system. With the management console (services.msc) you cannot. Also, msconfig, while unchecking the box, is disabling the service. The “Disable All” button also scares me. It should not even be there as no reason exists to justify disabling “everything.” Not “allowing” people to use msconfig reduces the flames and technical support questions in my inbox from people that fail to read the descriptions I offer with each service and the warnings [Continue Reading]

Sep 102002

This question could be coming from a person that is using a Microsoft known pirated version of Windows XP Professional Corporate Edition. Since I have no way of verifying any claims made to me via E-Mail, I ignore all “questionable” requests for such type of information. If you purchased a Legitimate copy of Windows, this should not occur and their would be no real reason to ever have to change your product ID or your serial number. Contact Microsoft Technical Support for assistance if you feel you have a valid reason to [Continue Reading]

Sep 102002 is an outstanding web site to locate information about VIA chipsets. I am not about to reproduce the information here. If you are having problems, please search the Forums and FAQ for more information. Ironicly enough, all the problems that I feel are associated with VIA chipsets, they say is everything else. Because of this: I am even considering firing up the CUV4X-D again after Service Pack 1’s release, updated BIOS, “better” drivers, more robust 4in1’s, etc. To prove them wrong? No. I want a dual CPU computer! 🙂

Sep 082002

This problem is caused by using a Microsoft known pirated copy of Windows XP Professional Corporate Edition. If you purchased a Legitimate copy of Windows, this should not occur. Contact Microsoft Technical Support for assistance. The contact information is located in your manual that came with your particular version. If you are using a pirated copy of Windows XP, please do not ask me for help. I will not answer any questions with regards to pirated software. For more information: Hacks, Cracks and Cheats Rant Putting Out the Flames Rant WPA and [Continue Reading]

Sep 082002

This problem may be caused by removing MSN Messenger from your system or installing a number different registry hacks to do the same thing. Putting Messenger back could allow Outlook to function properly again, or you can disable Messenger in the Outlook Tools Panel. It could also be caused by using Word as your E-Mail editor. Unfortunately, I am experiencing a delay of around 60 seconds while attempting to connect to my Hotmail accounts and “not using any of the above.” Outlook has been removed from my system. 🙂

Sep 052002

Please contact the vendor, manufacture or “company” that your system was purchased from for technical support. Part of the money you spent was to pay for technical help when you need it. Use it while you can. Information on “who” or “how” to contact them is in the owners/operations manual that came with your new PC or hardware. I do not have access to that information in a timely fashion. The PC vendor or “brand” that your computer is has access too much more resources to solve your technical issue than I do. [Continue Reading]

Aug 132002

This may stem from the fact that your ISP told you to configure your system as DHCP (vice static). But, in order to get an IP address, your PPoE connection needs to negotiate on top of TCP/IP… which needs an IP address. A catch-22. Solution? You can purchase a hardware firewall/router solution. You could also get away with placing a static IP address on your internal network card, effectively configuring it for local networking. Service configuration may also contribute to the cause, but under most situations, utilizing a hardware firewall will do [Continue Reading]

Aug 132002

NetMeeting is already there, it just needs to be registered. Perform the following: Select Start –> Run, and enter conf then select ok. In the NetMeeting Wizard, complete the required information, and then select the “Put a shortcut to NetMeeting on my desktop” check box. NetMeeting should then be available for use.