Feb 192002

If you do not need ICS, be sure to disable all of the services associated with it. The “Gaming” configuration is a catch all that could be labeled “Power User” or “Slim and Trim” or “Minimum Memory.” I just choose to call it “Gaming” because that is what I do best. :) Also, view my Services 411 page for more information on what services you may need or not need if you use your computer for other purposes, like work?!?

Jan 052002

Put it back the way it was! Really, though, place each service that you disabled back to the way it was (displayed under the Default configuration) and see which service “fixes” your software. Do look at the dependencies and decide if you may need it! Tweaking your system always comes with risk.

Jan 052002

This is what ZoneAlarm complains about while connected to the internet. “SVCHOST.EXE” is “Generic Service Host.” What that means is it is a “host” for other processes or services. If your internet connection seems to “no longer work,” it is due to you disallowing various “required” functions to no longer access the internet. A big one is “DNS Lookups” and HTTP. With DNS lookups disabled, you will no longer be able to type in “www.blackviper.com” but you will always be able to type in the IP address of the systems. The internet connection is still working, but you are blocking a “vital” part of the process for surfing web pages. With HTTP TCP Port 80 blocked, you will not be able to access any web site.

As to whether or not “you” need the particular process to access the internet or act as a server is completely dependent upon your computer configuration, your software installation, and what you are doing at any given time.

Only you can make the decision about if “you need this to access the internet” or not.

A security vulnerability exists with Windows that could cause your system to exhibit all kinds of poor behavior. This particular issue attacks the Remote Procedure Call service which Zone Alarm may issue a warning with regards to SVCHOST.EXE and Generic Host Process for Win32 Services. However, this inbound traffic should NOT be allowed. READ MORE…

Generally speaking, the following ports and services should NOT be blocked:

  • DHCP: UDP Port 67 and 68 (block both outbound and inbound only if you have a static IP address)
  • DNS: UDP Port 53 (allow only outbound; disable inbound unless you have local DNS server)
  • HTTP: TCP Port 80 (allow only outbound; disable inbound unless you have local web server)
  • HTTPS: TCP Port 443 (allow only outbound; disable inbound unless you have local web server)

Generally speaking, the following ports and services SHOULD be blocked, “outbound and inbound”:

  • NetBIOS: UDP 137
  • RPC: TCP 135
  • UPnP: UDP 1900
  • UPnP: TCP and UDP 5000

If you block a port and something breaks, reenable the blocked port and see if it is fixed. Easy as that. :)

Jan 052002

Can I help? Usually, no. The publisher and/or developer of the particular game or program that you are having problems with is much better equipped at solving your problem and offering updates to your software. Every software program has a contact list of technical support numbers. Please check your manual for that information as I do not have it. I do not work for any software publisher, nor have the resources to offer E-Mail technical support on software that, more than likely, I do not even have.

If the software makers cannot help you, there is little that I can do to “magically” make it work for you.

If you are requesting patch or update information: I would normally just go to the publishers or developers web site and look, then, E-Mail you the answer. You can cut the 24 hour lag time by just looking on your own. The contact information is in your manual that came with your purchased product.

Part of the money for your software package is used to offer you tech support services.

If you did not purchase your software, I will not give you technical support, assist in “guiding” you to the proper site, nor help you in any other way.

Jan 052002

The major problem is that every system is different and the number of causes of system failure
are numerous.

The first thing you should do is ensure you have the latest drivers installed for your equipment. Drivers are such a common
cause of problems that there is no need to troubleshoot any further until that step is complete.

Second, contact your PC maker/software vendor for technical support.

The final thing you should understand is that I am not sitting in front of your system. Troubleshooting from a remote location,
let alone by E-Mail, is difficult if not impossible to accomplish.

Jan 052002

Yes, I have IM’s and no, you may not add me. I had my ID posted for years with no problems, but when I started becoming “popular” with the XP Services Page, I was flooded with requests for permission to be on others lists and from jerks telling me I am pathetic, etc…

As for IRC, I have never used it and never will. Several have reported to me about “others” using my name and claiming to be me. Presumably attempting to be “cool” and accepted. I guarantee it is not me and if you are the moderator of the channel, kick/ban them from your conversation. Even better, just ignore them. People starved for attention by pretending to be someone they are not hate that.