Black Viper
Black Viper
Jun 262004

With regards to World of Warcraft Beta, I modified a few UI files to make my life a bit easier. The changes include: Quest log is instant and shows level numbers Target tool tip moved from above the combat log to top middle of screen Mods that were taken partially from Cosmos: Party HP/Mana/Rage/Energy show always as text Party Buffs (16)/Debuffs (8) always show And something that Cosmos never had: The HP status display bar fades nicely from Green -> Yellow -> Orange -> Red. Download the updated files here [Continue Reading]

Mar 182004

At long last, World of Warcraft has been released in Beta form and I can finally post my experiences about the Alpha. Many people have asked me why the updates in the last few months have been "few and far between." World of Warcraft was the answer that I could not tell anyone about due to a legal and binding agreement to not disclose that the game even existed. I have been been enjoying the game since December 24, 2003. More information can be discovered on the World of Warcraft [Continue Reading]

Oct 092003

If you wish to purchase Halo for the PC and want to play the Co-Op campaign like the XBOX version, do not even waste your money. It is not an option. As a side note, the rendering speed is very poor, at best. The sound stutters often and skips dialog in the rendered cut scenes. So, unless you wish to play single player campaign or online multiplayer at 800×600, it is best to wait for patches to fix the problems. Your results may vary. However, feel free to wander around [Continue Reading]

Apr 152003

Quick Rant: (View the previous ones) When I purchased Asheron’s Call 2, really, my first "online broadband experience," I was hoping for a time of fun and enjoyment. However, with their "monthly" updates to the game, only thing it seems like I am doing is paying $12.95 a month for the privilege of BETA testing the product! Take this month for example: "New content" was uploaded to the server for another "episode," however it introduced a bug that causes all crafted items to be "tier 1." For those of you [Continue Reading]

Mar 092003

Wow. I fell behind again in E-Mail answering. Two hours later, things are caught up. Kind words are always welcome as they fuel this domain. The funny thing is, I have not fallen behind due to anything "important," but I needed a well deserved break from the real world. As such, I dove in head first with Asherons Call 2. For several months (since release) I have been playing the game online and enjoy it. Many things do not make me happy, for one: The crafting system is impossible. However, [Continue Reading]

Nov 292002

I have been intrigued by the Mortal Kombat series since the early 1990’s. Even though I am rather pathetic at fighting games of all types, the Krypt that is included with Mortal Kombat: DA intrigued me even more. After discovering that the Koffin information "never changed" from game to game, I decided to draft out this guide. Read More…