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Jul 312002

The Rant ~ Added a new Rant topic to the Mix. AMD and Intel Rant. Some people have asked me, "Even though you have so many computers [link removed], why are NONE of them AMD based?!?" Here you will find the answer to that question and more.

Jul 282001

Introduction As I was wandering around the BIOS settings, I thought that I would see what the difference to different memory settings would make. I already knew that “less is better” when it comes to the CAS settings and most memory timings… but how about “DRAM Prefetch?” I ran the 3DMark2001 on the following configuration multiple times while rebooting in between each one. The table on the next page gives a summary of my findings and the following few pages gives a brief explanation of each run. Want to know the differences between running [Continue Reading]

Jul 182001

Introduction As an intro and sort of disclaimer, I would like to say that I “prefer” Asus boards. I also like boards with “Intel” chipsets… Why, you ask? First off, I have been running Asus motherboards as far back as I can remember. They are generally of high quality and very stable, even in the most rigorous of environments. I am also under the impression that Intel should know best how to interface their processors to the other devices you may decide to install on a mother board. Since the chipset is [Continue Reading]

May 012001

Looks like having a Dual CPU computer is not all its cracked up to be. Whether it is the VIA chip set installed in the CUV4X-D or if Dual just sux in general, I am not sure, but it was pretty cool until I started playing Diablo 2 and found out that the “SBLIVE!” card has problems with SMP setups…go figure…so I put the 2nd CPU in another computer…up to 6 for me now… 🙂

Apr 012001

Looks as though the warranty period has expired, so I will start playing with water cooling and such. Hmm…maybe even a dual-CPU setup…

Mar 032001

All my new computer parts have arrived and been tested. Looks as if the 1giga is running smooth. Soon, I will start to dabble in over clocking and water cooling. When the crappy 30 day warranty expires, at least. Time to fire up the benchmarks!

Feb 112001

After a major break in the action, I am finally back to the site. I tested numerous configurations with my computers and have came to the conclusion that I need more power. 🙂 Hardware will be upped in the very near future with current benchmarks and such. Until next time!

Apr 111999

Today I traveled with friends to a computer show in Southern CA and picked me up a SB Live! Wow, does this little piece of silicon make a world of a difference. The sound actually comes ALIVE! I am pretty impressed with the outcome of it and happy that I spent the money. Now, I need to get a new stereo with 4 inputs vice only 2. Right now I am running my stereo rack and a set of amplified speakers w/sub. Even though I am not unhappy with the [Continue Reading]