Black Viper
Black Viper
Jun 202004

I am about 250 E-Mails behind and, looking at some of them, the most popular question is: "If you have the time, could you answer…" The answer is… no. (Read WHY?)

Jun 012004

Because I could not sleep tonight, I took this “not so normal” opportunity to catch up on my E-Mail backlog. I have now caught up and I appreciate everyone feedback. Even though I cannot possibly reply to everyone, I tried to address as many concerns as I could.

May 282004

Several people reported that the domain did not quite look correct. They were right. I use Mozilla as my browser and sometimes, working around IE’s strange behaviors slips by me. All pages should render in both browsers as I had originally intended them. The issue made some text much larger than I wanted, mostly in regards to my guides that include thumbnails, and only in IE. If ever something just does not seem "right" with the domain, please Contact me and report the problem. More than likely, you are not [Continue Reading]

May 262004

My SBC DSL is having issues. High latency and dropped packets in the Southern California area. However, the problem is not "local" to me, but routing issues in the LA area. How did I discover this? Check this thread and see that I am not the only one: As a result, the web site may be a little slow, depending on where you are connecting from. I am sure the issue will be resolved soon because of the amount of SBC DSL World of Warcraft players experiencing latency of 2000ms [Continue Reading]

May 122004

After originally posting my AMD and Intel Rant on July 30, 2002, many items touched on have become extremely out of date. I decided to take a "second look" at what both AMD and Intel has accomplished recently and hopefully provide a vision for the future. So here it is: AMD vs. Intel Rant Take 2.

May 012004

Latest Internet Threat: LSASS.exe Information: ~ A Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-011 was posted about the latest vulnerability and includes details on where to get the patch to fix it: More information on my domain is located here: Why is LSASS.exe shutting down my computer after 60 seconds?

Apr 212004

Long time readers will notice a few changes that I have made. The major one is that I no longer have my Current News content on the front page. Instead, I changed the front page to provide a quick overview of what the domain has to offer. Another change is that I have removed all “acronym” tags from all pages. No longer will you see underlined information with tool tip pop-ups and descriptions. Why? Mainly because I have had the tags for several months and no one ever told me [Continue Reading]