Black Viper
Black Viper
Apr 182004

It seems that things are running smoothly. It may still be 48 more hours before the new site information is sent around the world, but most people are able to access the domain at this time. I am still way behind on E-Mail, but will get caught up as soon as I can.

Apr 172004

To avoid a lengthy downtime period, I brought one of my old DNS servers back online. This should reduce the amount of failed connection attempts to the domain until all internet DNS servers receive the updated information. Everything is operational locally. I will just have to wait and see in the next 24-72 hours if my efforts are successful. Thank you for your patience.

Apr 172004

I have finished transferring my domain over to a different, hopefully more reliable, internet connection. It may take 48 hours for the domain to be fully online. I appreciate my readers patience during this transition.

Apr 122004

I have finished round three of my web server modifications. This basically was only the removal of my “test” domain “” Since I have not messed with it for over 8 months, I feel it is better to take it off of the web and have the server concentrate on more important matters: this web site. I also completed reconfiguring my E-Mail server to ban “lots” of virus/worm propagating systems. For those geeks out there, here is a quick rundown: Upon observing SMTP connection information, I have noticed that “lots” [Continue Reading]

Mar 302004

I have made several changes to, not only the web server, but the connection control and caching in general. The web site (hopefully) will be much faster for you than it has been in the past. If anything just does not seem "right," please feel free to Contact Me and report the issue. Every time I do some massive changes, things break. Please understand, though, that I am currently "way" behind on E-Mail (like over a week). Mainly, due to the recent "behind the scenes geeking" I have been doing. [Continue Reading]

Mar 222004

With the release of Windows XP Service Pack 2 right around the corner, I will be testing the Release Candidate 1 and post my findings by updating the Services Configurations, Descriptions, Custom Registry Tool and Registry patches. This will take some time to ensure accuracy of the information. Stay tuned!

Mar 182004

At long last, World of Warcraft has been released in Beta form and I can finally post my experiences about the Alpha. Many people have asked me why the updates in the last few months have been "few and far between." World of Warcraft was the answer that I could not tell anyone about due to a legal and binding agreement to not disclose that the game even existed. I have been been enjoying the game since December 24, 2003. More information can be discovered on the World of Warcraft [Continue Reading]

Mar 152004

After scratching my head for awhile, I finally found the cause of why the domain has not been accessible all day. Everything should be up and running again. I appreciate your patience.

Mar 122004

Due to my overly aggressive banning of certain web site tools from connecting to my web server, I mistakenly blocked access to W3’s validation service. I reference this service on my Browser Compatibility Page. Since I recommend adhering to web standards and the use of standard compliant browsers, I feel this service is much more valuable to my readers in helping them understand the reason for web standards. Once again, the link is valid and the service is no longer forbidden access. Even though no reader brought this to my [Continue Reading]