Black Viper
Black Viper
Aug 242003

I transferred the web site over to a different computer. Hopefully, it will offer a little better response time than the previous one. This system includes a RAID controller that might speed up data transfer times. This still does not fix my connectivity issues with my ISP. However, the latest word is that they are looking at different options with regards to current backbone traffic. Hopefully, sometime this week, the issue will be resolved and no more dropped packets or spans of dropped connections will result. Currently, between the hours [Continue Reading]

Aug 212003

Quick Rant: (View the previous ones) 226. 226 is the amount of SoBig viruses, bounced "auto replies," "virus warnings" and "unknown user" messages I received today. Tell your neighbor. Tell your Co-Workers. Tell your Family. Tell your Information Technology Manager. Tell your Network Administrator. Most importantly, tell yourself these items: "Do not send E-Mail attachments unless you send an additional E-mail that states that you did so and explain the contents!" "Do not open E-Mail attachments regardless of who sent them to you unless you can verify the contents!" "If [Continue Reading]

Aug 202003

The web site and network will be up and down randomly due to my ISP and I working on connectivity issues. I appreciate your patience during this period.

Aug 112003

To say again, Remote Procedure Call service is a critical vulnerability that you need to take care of. A solution is available. The main indication of this is a 60 second shutdown counter just after connecting to the internet or "right after" an attack attempt. Many versions of Windows is affected, to include NT, 2000, XP and 2003. This affects computers directly connected to the internet and could cause the attacker to install code to do ANY sort of malicious activities. Exploits already exist! Upon examination of my firewall log [Continue Reading]

Aug 102003

The web site and network will be up and down randomly for the next couple of hours due to my ISP working on their backbone router equipment. I appreciate your patience during this period.

Aug 102003

All E-Mail is caught up and I also corrected several errors, mainly invalid links, in the Windows 2000 Services Configurations and Windows 2000 Services Descriptions. Several articles and items I would like to post or do in the near future are as follows: Windows 2000 registry patches: To go along with the Windows XP Services Registry Information. Red Hat 9.0 Install Guide Windows XP Services update to include Service Pack 2 (upon release) Asherons Call 2 Review: 8 months in the making… it is 80% done. I really should finish [Continue Reading]

Aug 072003

I managed to hunt down the time to attempt to catch up on some old E-Mail. Some people have already received a reply, others have not. I still have around 150+ to go through with more arriving hourly, but I should be up to date by Friday. Hopefully, I will not fall so far behind again. I am rather grateful that one of my (few) family members visited me for the week and I took a much needed break from the computer to relax and catch up on TV. Something [Continue Reading]

Aug 022003

Unfortunately, I fell way behind with regards to my E-Mail load. I took a few hours off. I currently have over 230+ E-Mails in my inbox. I am trying the best that I can to get to everyone. However, delays in my response will be obvious.