Black Viper
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Apr 032003

Even though the "updates" have been few and far between, rest assured that I am working on several projects. Also, you may need to keep in mind that I do not just "toss" information up just to look cool. I work through the process and post the information when I am satisfied with it. This takes time. Currently, I want to post a "BootVis" guide, "Tweak UI," and a "How to host your own web services." I also wish to expand the Windows Services Information. Again, this takes time. Whenever [Continue Reading]

Mar 252003

I admit it. I enjoy people contacting me and asking technical questions. I also enjoy sharing my knowledge with strangers (people that do not contact me but surf on in) as well as, sometimes, the desperate people asking me for help as a "last resort." As with anything, this also has its limits. READ MORE…

Mar 242003

No matter how much preparation someone may do, nothing is more of a test then going "live." After a weekend of watching the web server logs, monitoring the E-Mail server, and replying to positive feedback, I feel the transfer has been a success. Thank you, kind reader, for your support during this transition. Long time readers may see slight changes in the way the site appears, mainly due to the reduction in bandwidth that I have against what my old ISP had, but nothing drastic. Some "get-smart-really-fast" topics that I [Continue Reading]

Mar 202003

If you are reading this message, you are on the new local server. Both domains ( and have now been transferred over. However, will take between 24 and 72 hours to “take effect” via DNS around the world. Due to obvious reasons, my current E-Mail address may not work or it will be routed incorrectly. If the volume of E-Mail is greatly reduced in the next few days… I will know that something is very wrong.

Mar 182003

Thank you, kind readers, for assisting me in the performance feedback. The site seems pathetically slow and that is NOT my style. 🙂 It seems as though it is a Apache/XP problem. I am currently transferring the domain over to a different system and should be “switched” by 10:00 PM.

Mar 182003

I made a few more adjustments to see if I can narrow down the cause of "slight delay," many times several seconds, while attempting access to the domain. If you experience slow performance, please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated.

Mar 172003

At approximately 10:30 PM, the power was restored and the domain became active again. I am still tweaking to find the right configuration for the server. Some connectivity issues may result, but if you have nothing better to do, I would like to hear about your experience.

Mar 172003

Upon further investigation (why is down), my previous ISP’s whole city lost power @ approximately 3:00 PM. All of the UPS did not make it for as long as the power has been off. Service was going to be restored by the local Power Co @ 6:00 PM, but that has not happened as of yet.