Black Viper
Black Viper
Aug 022002

Due to popular opinion and suggestion, I modified the HTML links to display in a color that may be a little bit more friendly on the eyes (they were displayed as “dark green”). It goes along with my navigation structure links, anyway. I still will not change the “Black” background color. sorry, but, by the same token, I want people to actually be able to READ my information!

Aug 022002

RC Action [link removed] ~ I had a grand plan of getting a XTM conversion kit for the T-Maxx [link removed] to place a big block motor in it. I was also going to have all of my aluminum parts blue (since the kit only comes in red or blue. I hate red. I have thought better of it. My “new” choice is natural. Actually, highly polished. I like the “metal” look much better than the “toy” look of anodized. I probably, though, will keep the RS4 RTR 3 [link [Continue Reading]

Jul 312002

The Rant ~ Added a new Rant topic to the Mix. AMD and Intel Rant. Some people have asked me, "Even though you have so many computers [link removed], why are NONE of them AMD based?!?" Here you will find the answer to that question and more.

Jul 242002

Even after 2 weeks more, I still enjoy Warcraft 3. I was thinking about posting some stratagies, but I am not that great. My record is rather pathetic (level 7 still) and really lost some time in updating the site info. Working on new things to do, but just one more game of War3… just one more. (I remember saying "just 15 more minutes" of Diablo 2 LOD.)

Jul 172002

If, at any time during your stay, you find a “spelling” or “grammar” or “English” error… sorry. I am not a Scholar, an editor for a major media group, nor an English major. I tend to write as I speak. Not the most “proper” way to do things, but it is my “style.” It also makes my site rather accessible to a wide variety of people that have little desire to read a thesis of dribble containing nothing but “big words.” I tend to get to the point or drag [Continue Reading]

Jul 102002

I am rather sorry for the lack of updates, but Warcraft 3 has taken hold of me and will not let go. I do have a “Online Gaming” Rant festering up… You may see it posted soon.

Jul 032002

I finally discovered the reason behind a few “strange” page views. It seemed that the navigation structure was repeating and the body did not appear until about 1000 pixels down the page. I had a few pages with the problem (82, actually) and I isolated it down to extra HTML code that should not have been around. It looks as though the pages are fixed, but if any other problems pop up (no pun intended) please feel free to let me know.

Jul 012002

FAQ ~ Updated all FAQ pages to include answers to the ever popular "Having problems, can you help?" questions.