Black Viper
Black Viper
Aug 292001

Introduction First of all, I would like to thank Blizzard for creating a game that has passed more time and money away than any other game! I played Diablo off and on for over 3 years before Diablo 2 came out. I also am thankful that the items I would have changed were now in place, but for the most part, this article is NOT about reviewing Diablo 2, it is about getting the most from the game. If you want to pass this information along, please tell people about my pages. Don’t [Continue Reading]

Jul 312001

I have been cruising around the search engines for awhile, and I seem to have found that there is plenty of pages that I did not even KNOW was being viewed. On the web server, the pages stay even after I delete them locally. Why? I really do not know. They are really not supposed to do that. Anyway, I found that Darkstone Stuff has made over 3000 hits and I deleted that page about a year and a half ago, as well as my 300MHz Win2k Services Configuration page, [Continue Reading]

Jul 282001

Introduction As I was wandering around the BIOS settings, I thought that I would see what the difference to different memory settings would make. I already knew that “less is better” when it comes to the CAS settings and most memory timings… but how about “DRAM Prefetch?” I ran the 3DMark2001 on the following configuration multiple times while rebooting in between each one. The table on the next page gives a summary of my findings and the following few pages gives a brief explanation of each run. Want to know the differences between running [Continue Reading]

Jul 182001

Introduction As an intro and sort of disclaimer, I would like to say that I “prefer” Asus boards. I also like boards with “Intel” chipsets… Why, you ask? First off, I have been running Asus motherboards as far back as I can remember. They are generally of high quality and very stable, even in the most rigorous of environments. I am also under the impression that Intel should know best how to interface their processors to the other devices you may decide to install on a mother board. Since the chipset is [Continue Reading]

Jul 072001

Up for a well over due update. Much has happened since we last spoke: Diablo 2 LOD has officially taken over my life. 🙂 I have revamped much of so it is a little bit prettier.