Black Viper
Black Viper
Jun 172001

Just finished updating all of the galleries with the new FP2002 format. It is great! All of the features that I wanted in FP have showed up in this new version. I am sure that after a month or two, I will be requiring even more, but as of right now, I am pretty satisfied. Soon, I will take some more picks of Kitty, the house [link removed] and I did not realize that the photos have not been updated since 1999!!! HAHAH. Funny, since I have nothing better to [Continue Reading]

Jun 162001

Just got in my hot little hands a copy of FrontPage 2002! Checking out all of its features. Maybe, just maybe, I may add a few. 🙂

Jun 032001

Computer time has been maxed in the last few days. I have been reviving some old favorites, some new favorites, and getting ready for the D2X LOD to come out. I really just cannot wait.

May 202001

Today I did some massive clean up work. I removed the following sections: Patches Best links: Gaming, Online Gaming Sites, Magazine Sites. Extra Cash Section Not only that, but I updated a lot of links that were broken and probably like that for quite a long time. Anyway, I will also update the Diablo 2 section to NOT include so many damn screen shots. I really like having a screen shot for every level of every character, but it takes to long to update, post updates and to long to [Continue Reading]

May 012001

Looks like having a Dual CPU computer is not all its cracked up to be. Whether it is the VIA chip set installed in the CUV4X-D or if Dual just sux in general, I am not sure, but it was pretty cool until I started playing Diablo 2 and found out that the “SBLIVE!” card has problems with SMP setups…go figure…so I put the 2nd CPU in another computer…up to 6 for me now… 🙂

Apr 012001

Looks as though the warranty period has expired, so I will start playing with water cooling and such. Hmm…maybe even a dual-CPU setup…

Mar 032001

All my new computer parts have arrived and been tested. Looks as if the 1giga is running smooth. Soon, I will start to dabble in over clocking and water cooling. When the crappy 30 day warranty expires, at least. Time to fire up the benchmarks!