Black Viper
Black Viper
Dec 011999

Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas is once again really close by. I have completed updating the Character forms for the various games for this server, so send in those results! By December 31, I should have the Forums up and running.

Nov 271999

Things have been pretty slow around here. I now have both computers hooked to the internet and I can run a dedicated server with plenty of games. ‘Bout time! 🙂 I discovered Reality recently and decided not to update the web site as often as I have been. Why you ask? No audience is a biggie. I spend around 1 to 2 hours a day updating and messing with the pages, for 10 hits. Not my idea of a good time.

Nov 121999

Glad that I could join in on the SETI@Home [link removed] project. I have the program running as you read and I hope to make a dent in the information being processed. Check out BV’s SETI@Home Page here!

Nov 081999

Glad that I could find a little time to update some photos that has been laying around…to include: LANchester 2000 [link removed] LAN party Photos, Me on Halloween, My Kitty and My Car [link removed]! The Forums should be up soon. I am changing Web Servers AGAIN, so I thank you for your patience. Take Care! BV!

Nov 011999

Happy late Halloween! Looks to me that Turkey Day is just around the corner and you know what that means: ALL the big games are going to hit the holiday season. Can you wait? I know I can’t! I completed a mass update of the site and also threw in a pretty background for your viewing pleasure.

Oct 301999

Happy Halloween! My pictures have had a slight delay due to me not being able to find enough time to get them together, but they should be up by the end of today! The Newsletter will be published twice a month and delivered into your E-Mail box. Subscribe today!

Oct 251999

The LAN Party scheduled for October 23, 1999 at Black Viper’s house, called LANchester 2000[link removed]! was a great success! Photo’s and the players involved will soon follow! I have finally received the photo’s from the last LAN Party [link removed] and the Page will be updated as well as a lot of other options in the very near future, such as the Forums will all be available for use. Until then, Happy Gaming and Take Care!

Oct 141999

RTS games seem to be coming of age, so to speak. Age of Empires 2 has some great new features with some more interesting units to throw in to the mix. Nice one.

Sep 301999

Coming to the end of the month, the end of the fiscal year, and beginning the downward slope to the New Year, I have found the industry is changing more rapid than ever before…For the better? Only time, a short time…will tell…