Black Viper
Black Viper
Sep 191999

Here comes LANchester 2000 [link removed]! A LAN Party [link removed] is scheduled for October 23, 1999 at Black Viper’s house, called LANchester 2000 [link removed] ! Check out the LANchester 2000 Page [link removed] for more info!

Sep 161999

Well, God Games released the Darkstone v1.03 patch a little to soon. The promise to fix any problems and post another one. Until then, I need to kill some monsters. TTFN!

Sep 131999

Well, it did not take as long as I thought to switch over all of the hit counters. It is sort of a bummer that everyone starts again at zero! Refresh those pages! Get the counter a movin’ on up!

Sep 131999

After playing Darkstone for an extended period of time, I concluded that it is a pretty good game. Needless to say, I think that I am going to be spending much of my life trying to figure out where the time went to. I think I am aging just as fast now as how time is progressing in game time! I should have the Darkstone Page looking good soon, but don’t hold your breath. My current Web Site Server told me in a E-Mail that FrontPage 2000 server extensions will [Continue Reading]

Sep 111999

After attending a mini LAN Party [link removed] at Warthog’s house for the celebration of Re-volt, I am most convinced that games ARE actually starting to get better and live up to my hopes. I was purchasing MANY games that not only disappointed, but just plain sucked! It seems to me that the developers are beginning to turn around…or I am just getting more picky about WHICH games I go buy!

Sep 081999

Why was I drawn to Best Buy? Fate. Who knows, but regardless, I purchased Darkstone and as far as I can tell from just a few minutes of game play, it looks to me to be a nice one. Check out my new Darkstone Page and send me some information if you can.

Sep 061999

LAN PARTY [link removed]! Was a great time! Spaz arrived all the way from San Diego to have a fun time playing Quake 2, Half-life and the surprise shocker of the Re-Volt Demo! Re-Volt is going to be a good one! I added a Diablo Page to the long list of crap here.

Sep 011999

LAN PARTY [link removed]! We are having a party in just a few days! E-Mail Warthog or Black Viper for more details and information or check out the LAN Party Page [link removed] for more! I seem to me that it should only be about May, but here is September and I am really not ready for it! Life, though, goes on.