Black Viper
Black Viper
Aug 311999

LAN PARTY [link removed]! We are having a party in just a few days! E-Mail Warthog or Black Viper for more details and information or check out the LAN Party Page [link removed] for more! I have finally tried and updated the Interplay Patches Index. There is a lot of games on it and it took me a while to get them all straight.

Aug 281999

After a great battle with Warthog in C & C Tiberian Sun over the weekend, I have now found the time to do some updating to the site. Still, there is a continuing process of find new stuff and try to put on the Site, so if the updates are slow, I am sorry.

Aug 211999

My future plans are to include at least 4 or 5 discussion pages as well as all of the hit counters working again, but for now…I must wait…

Aug 101999

I have also found out that Rage of Mages 2 went Gold. I added a Monolith Patches Page [link removed] to the site. I am also still waiting for my Web Server to support FP2000 server.

Aug 051999

I have checked up once again on the status of Westwood Studios highly anticipated game Tiberian Sun! Looks to me that it FINALLY went Gold and is expecting to ship on the 27th. A LAN Party [link removed] is scheduled for the occasion and I will hopefully have everything working, like the Forum and Guest Book, by then.

Jul 281999

I have managed to finally write something in the NEWS! Reality has been sucking lately, so I have been occupied with other tasks. I also think that I am going to add a web cam soon. I think that web cams are a great idea. We shall see. My new server has not yet implemented FP2000 server extensions, so all of the hit counters are going to remain broken for awhile.

Jul 231999

I have made some major changes to the site today. I have added many more pictures of My House [link removed] and My Truck [link removed]. As a result, there is 30 more pages here. Gotta love that! Coming soon!: New Kitty Photo’s, Car Photo’s [link removed] and LAN Party Photo’s [link removed] , Networking How 2, FAQ’s, Search Page, Forum and much, much More!! Don’t click away to far!

Jul 171999

I had to repair much problems with the site today. Most is fixed, some it still floating out there, so if you see some problems or find a broken link, please let me know. I updated many pages, so kind of just click around some and see what happens!

Jul 151999

I had a itch and I had to scratch it. I needed to know what Front Page 2000 was all about and I am happy that I purchased it. It is much easier to use than I had first thought but there was much problems converting my old files over. If there is some errors, please notify me.

Jul 111999

I wandered over to a co-workers house to put another LAN Party [link removed] in the history books yesterday. 6 People and 12 hours later, Lake L.A.ntastic [link removed] came to a close. I took some snap shots and they will be posted over at the LAN Party Page [link removed] as soon as I can get them developed. Maybe it will not take ma as long as it took to post the New House pictures [link removed] , but don’t hold your breath. 🙂 I have also received many [Continue Reading]