Black Viper
Black Viper
Mar 071999

I just checked up on the Speed Running Demo’s [link removed] at PlanetQuake [link removed] to find out that Tangent has updated the page! Quite a few demo’s were released. Go check it out. I will have some more demo’s as soon as Reality relaxes its grasp. I have been trying really hard to make City1 @ :59, but it seems rather difficult. I tried ALL last night. To my disappointment, I was only able to make a 100.2. Just not good enough. I am not giving up, though!

Mar 011999

After a small but well deserved vacation over the weekend with family and friends in Northern CA, I am ready to start working again. I found over at Speed Running Demo’s [link removed] at PlanetQuake [link removed] that the Page was updated over the weekend with some new and FASTER demo’s! Two of them mine! Well, it seems to me that maybe I am faster than I give myself credit for! Tonight, I plan on working on the Easy demo of city1 again to try and get it below 1 [Continue Reading]

Feb 251999

After working on the Easy demo of city1 (only 2 hours this time), I finally got it down only one second less to 101.5. Get the file city1 @ 1:01 on Easy here! I am kind of proud of this one just because it is almost the smoothest I have done the demo, yet. There is still much room for improvement, but that will come with time…

Feb 231999

After MUCH work on the Easy demo of boss2 (about 3 hours), I finally got it down to 45.6. Get the file boss2 @ 0:45 on Easy here. I am not sure if that is going to be it, or not, but I will still try to work on it. Happy Speed Running! Check out the Speed Running Page for more info!

Feb 231999

I received a E-mail from Phil "Cain" Hall [link removed] on 22Feb1999…Head on over to the Q2 Speed Running Page to find out what he had to say…

Feb 211999

I had a great time today playing PowerSlide online with some fast people. Go over and check out the new PowerSlide Page [link removed] for some Info and a Contact list!

Feb 191999

I know that on Feb 28th, Intel is going to roll out there new Pentium 3 processor, but I do not foresee a large coming of it. Well, don’t get me wrong, I would love to have one, but I think I am going to wait until prices drop some. Locally, they are priced $670 (450MHz) and $900 (500MHz) for the CPU only. Not much along the lines of a budget PC, but what IS nice is it still uses the BX chipset, so all of the 100MHz bus clock [Continue Reading]

Feb 191999

I wandered on over to Speed Running Demo’s [link removed] at PlanetQuake [link removed] to discover that the first posting of Q2 Speed Runs are up! I did make the cut, but as soon as the bug with dying with Makron is solved on boss2, I will begin trying on hard level… Until then, I will continue to practice city1 and see what I can come up with…

Feb 171999

I updated the Patches Page [link removed] with some more links and found a great patch for Forsaken posted 25JAN1999. Get it here [link removed]. It solves a lot of feature problems plus adds Voodoo 2 SLI support. Ya cannot beat that! I do plan on putting as much patch information around here as possible with hardware and software, but currently, it is just dealing with games that I own. There is still some empty slots on the Patches Page [link removed], but my fingers and eyes gave out.