Black Viper
Stalk BV
Feb 131999

Today I got this page up and running. Hope that you enjoy it. Even though it is a FP98 theme, I think it suites me well, but I hope to have my own stuff soon. Unfortunately, I am not an artist.

Feb 101999

Well, today I almost have my Patches Page [link removed] the way that I want it. It took quite a bit of time to accomplish, but I think it looks pretty good. There is still some missing information, but I want to get this going so I can post it.

Jan 071999

I finally got around to updating the FPS Benchmark Page [link removed] and I also fixed a few hyperlinks.

Jan 061999

I concluded that my connection is just not enough for my speedy taste. I am thinking about getting ISDN hookup so I can actually play games online. Currently, my average ping time is around 600ms. Not what I would call a super performer. I believe it is a combination between poor/noisy phone line, and a less than acceptable modem. But, I was in the mood for Internet Access NOW, so I settled for less, not always the proper choice.

Jan 011999

For this week, I did nothing of interest. I will, however, update the page more frequently as more things that I want to do will become available and the added resources are at my disposal. Until then, check back often, ’cause ya just might miss something.